Hawkish 2.0 the album | Music by Lisa Miguez


Hawkish 2.0 is a collection of my instrumental compositions which include various instruments such as strings, piano, guitar and bells. Each song has its own vibe, from serene to playful and positive.

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© Lisa Miguez 2018

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Hawkish 2.0 the album: The music from Hawkish 2.0 was wholly inspired by the lives of a family of Swainson’s Hawks.

Learn more about Swainson’s Hawks here.

Download details for the album Hawkish 2.0 (6 files, .mp3 format):

Look Up – 3:30 play time | 28MB file size
Flight – 1:56 play time | 26MB file size
Wings – 1:40 play time | 26MB file size
Hawkish – 3:06 play time | 27MB file size
Mother Earth – 2:44 play time | 27MB file size
Freedom – 2:59 play time | 27MB file size

© Lisa Miguez 2018

More about Hawkish 2.0

I composed, recorded and released this music in 2018. When I finished Mother Earth (the 5th composition), I was ready to start looking into ways to release my music out into the wild. There was a lot more involved in doing that than what I ever could have imagined. In the midst of all the research and release preparation, I composed Freedom – I call it my accidental song. It is also my personal favourite.

Now, in 2021, I find myself looking back at a few pieces that I never got around to finishing. They should have been a part of Hawkish 2.0 but I was on a self-imposed deadline to release the album in March of 2018. This is all to say that I am actively pursuing completing those unfinished works and eventually re-releasing Hawkish 2.0. Stay tuned for that!

Composition sidenote

The original 6 songs, as well as the unfinished pieces, were composed mainly in GarageBand on my iPad Pro 2nd generation. Some experimentation has been done with the use of an external music keyboard and the final edits and exports completed in GarageBand on iMac. With some experience under my belt with releasing music, I hope the re-release can happen without too much extra work.

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Hawkish 2.0Hawkish 2.0 the album | Music by Lisa Miguez