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Meet Lisa Miguez — an artist and maker of random creative things who lives, works, creates and plays in Moh’kinsstis (aka Calgary, Alberta) Canada.

A black and white photo of Lisa holding a camera with a telephoto lens pointed toward the right side of the image

Creative things I dabble in: digital artwork and design, pencil drawing, acrylic painting, font design, music composition, my website, polymer clay sculpting and woodworking. I’m willing to try my hand at most any digital or hands-on creative outlet and even mix mediums together.

Yes, I know it’s cliche, but Nature (birds almost exclusively) really is at the heart of very nearly every creative project I undertake. As an amateur bird watcher and photographer, it’s more often the encounter as a whole that truly inspires creativity, not just the pretty bird. Almost always there is some aspect of feathered inspiration incorporated into my work (painting, sculpting or photographic prints, for example). Here’s just a few of my favourite photos I have taken:

What I Do and Where You Can Find Me

My latest project is finally here! Project Hawk is alive and well. Read the stories of our experiences with a family of Swainson’s Hawks – photos, videos and merch also available! Become a member on my Ko-fi page and get discounts on Project Hawk merchandise!

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Check out my colouring pages that you can download, print and/or colour digitally.

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Here’s my first printable Colouring Book that you can download.

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While birds are my main creative inspiration (and bird watching my go-to comfort activity), once in a blue wolf supermoon, I might be inclined to draw something that is way out of my comfort zone, inspired by current events/politics.

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I’ve had a website presence (grafxbylisa.com) since 2002. I’m always trying new things: styles, colour schemes, features, etc.. You could say that this place is my experimental virtual playground.

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You can contact me anytime about any of my art/designs, products available on my store or current projects I am currently undertaking (or plan to do in the future), or just to say hi.

How You Can Support My Creative Shenanigans

Sharing the link to my store is the next best way to support my creative shenanigans! In short, spreading the word helps me immensely!

The next best way you can support any creative person is to purchase their work if you are able. If you enjoy what I do, please consider buying something here on my website.

I occasionally offer digital products for sale at my Etsy shop if that’s more to your liking. I still have print on demand products available on my Redbubble shop also. Check out my Linktree for all the ways you can find me.

Additionally, you can visit my Ko-fi page where you can leave a tip/donate as little as $2 (coffee is expensive!). I also currently offer 2 membership tiers there that give you discounts and special offers here on my website and my Ko-fi shop. You can support my Ko-fi shenanigans right here with the Buy Me A Coffee button.

NOTE: Donations/support made via the Ko-fi button here on my website will be processed immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and supporting my creative shenanigans!

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