Terms and Conditions


This website is used to promote, share and sell the art, photography and music of Lisa Miguez. Please read and understand the following Terms and Conditions of Use required while visiting/interacting with this website.

The Terms and Conditions presented here may be updated or revised at any time, without notice.


Any and all digital products provided on my store (https://grafxbylisa.com/shop) are free from viruses, malware or other harmful entities at the time they are uploaded to my store. The whole of my website is protected with several layers of security: safe to visit, interact with and make purchases from.

All digital products I sell on this website are provided as is. As such, all digital product sales are final – no refunds will be issued.


The music you purchase on this site is protected by copyright. You may use the music freely for personal use only, such as in personal playlists.

As per the Terms and Conditions of use, you may NOT:

  • resell my music under any circumstances
  • use the music you purchase on this site for: commercial or personal websites, in videos, multimedia presentations, for play in public venues or for any other public use without my express written consent

If you wish to inquire about licensing my music, contact me

My music is also available for purchase on iTunes and streamed on Apple Music. If you see my music sold elsewhere, do not buy it or share it and please contact me as soon as possible with the details of where you found it: contact. *Quick note: I am working on adding my music to Spotify’s streaming service – stay tuned in the next several weeks.


Any and all images used as part of the design of this website or which are sold individually or as part of another digital product and/or bundle on this website are protected by copyright. You may use purchased images for personal use such as background wallpaper on your personal computer or mobile device, or as indicated with the details of the purchased image. You may not use purchased images on or for commercial computers, their networks or other corporate use devices.

You may not sell, use or alter any images on this website, whether prior to or after purchase. You may not use any images on this website for purposes as: on websites (personal or commercial), photo sharing sites, social media apps or websites, in videos or other commercial or public use without my express written consent. If you wish to inquire about licensing my images, please contact me: contact


I may from time to time, offer other digital products for purchase on this website. As with the music and images on this website, any other digital products made available for purchase here are protected by copyright. You may use these digital products for personal use, or if indicated, as per the particular product instructions/guidelines.


Presently, products such as t-shirts, hats and posters are processed entirely through a Print On Demand fulfillment service, Printful.

When you place your order at grafxbylisa.com/shop, the nearest Printful fulfillment facility to you will print, process and ship your item(s). My store’s selling region is Canada – this does not mean that if you do not live in Canada you cannot purchase a t-shirt from my website. It simply means that this can limit some of the types of products that might be available on my website, and, depending on where you live, the quality and speed at which your order is processed may be different.


All Print on Demand products will have a “POD” in the short product description.


I have an enabled an option on my store for orders to be: 1) processed at a backup facility if required, as well as 2) the option to use product alternatives if a particular item goes out of stock. What this means to you is that: 1) the quality and speed may differ from what is offered at Printful, 2) Printful will check for the most compatible alternative, and may use it if available. Therefore, on rare occasions, the alternative to what you have ordered may be processed in a different country and/or not be exactly identical to what you originally ordered.

These options will likely be adjusted as we move towards “normal” and these Terms and Conditions will be updated.



All sales of digital products are final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered. You may contact me if you have further questions: contact


If you experience a problem with an order for a POD product (printed t-shirts, hats, etc.), you can send me an email at: contact. If the issue is with the product itself or any delivery issues, Printful will help to resolve that. If need be, I can coordinate a resolve between you and Printful.

If you need to return a POD item, this can be arranged between you and Printful directly.


Any and all of the original artwork and woodworking pieces that I sell on this website are one of a kind. As such, these works are literally irreplaceable. Therefore, all sales of any and all of my tangible art or woodworking pieces for sale on this website are final – no refunds or exchanges will be offered.

I take great care in packaging each piece to ensure a safe journey to you to reduce the potential for damage during shipping.


All online payments for digital or physical products provided here, https://grafxbylisa.com/shop are securely processed via Stripe. If there are issues with your payment transaction(s) via Stripe, please contact me and I will help to coordinate a resolve with Stripe.



Please note that shipping rates may vary and fees such as duties may be charged if a POD product is fulfilled in another country. My default POD Printful fulfillment centre is in Ontario, Canada (for my Canadian customers). However, during the uncertainty around processing orders during COVID-19, backup fulfillment centres are currently enabled on my store which means you will get your t-shirt or hat but your order may be processed in another country (shipping costs/duties, expected delivery times may vary).

To this end, the final cost and quality of the product(s) you order may vary from centre to centre.

Depending on where the order originates, your product will be delivered via FedEx, Canpar, Canada Post or UPS.

Original Artwork

All tangible original artwork by me that is sold on my store (such as sculptures, woodworking or other such artwork) is only available to Canadian customers at this time. Shipping costs to be determined as these products become available for sale.

If ordering different pieces of artwork/woodworking projects or multiple of the same piece, the shipping will be calculated as one charge, rather than a per piece charge. Exceptions to this when purchasing multiple products, see below.

Multiple Products

Please note that if you order multiple products from this website, additional shipping charges may apply. For example, if in the same transaction, you purchase a t-shirt and also a wooden puzzle, you will be shown 2 shipping rates in your cart upon checkout – one for the t-shirt and one for the puzzle. This is due to the fact that Printful handles the shipping for all Print On Demand products (t-shirts, hats, etc.), and I handle the shipping for all my own original artwork and woodworking. Therefore, there are 2 locations from where the products will be shipped from. Furthermore, delivery dates will vary with a multiple-product purchase.

Shipping charges may also vary/increase when purchasing multiple quantities of one item (such as 5 t-shirts) or a variety of POD products, such as a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a hat. If a variety of attire products are chosen, they may also be processed and delivered from different POD facilities, but the shipping will be amalgamated into one charge as long as the items are all purchased in the same transaction.



The design and security of this website is taken very seriously. Several layers of security is provided to ensure you can interact with and make purchases securely – https://grafxbylisa.com is a secure and safe venue for you to purchase the goods created by Lisa Miguez. Many steps have been taken to bring the content of this website to you in a presentable, safe and secure manner. Adjustments and/or implementing additional security measures will be maintained on this website to ensure your visit is trouble-free.

I am NOT personally, NOR IS the grafxbylisa brand or website (https://grafxbylisa.com) responsible in any way for:

  • improper download procedures, resulting in lost/corrupt files;
  • intentional (or not) misuse of any element of this website;
  • viruses, hacking, stolen personal information, or other malicious attacks on your computer or device resulting from you using this site;
  • any activity that may render your computer or device inoperable or otherwise unusable due to irresponsible internet activities (intentional or not, implemented by you or not, prior to or after visiting my website)
  • outdated security systems on your computer/device that may result in a breech of your computer/device and/or private information such as credit cards/banking information


When making a purchase on my site, you are responsible for providing the correct billing information (name, address, credit card number, etc.) at checkout in order to complete the purchase. You are responsible for any transaction which is not completed or becomes otherwise inaccessible due to incorrect information provided by you – knowingly or not. Please, please always double-check the information you have entered prior to completing any transaction. If you are given an order/transaction reference upon completion, write it down and/or print the transaction confirmation page. If you create a password, make sure you put it somewhere safe.

You are 100% responsible to ensure you have a secure and trusted connection to any online sources with which you interact with, download from (or upload to) and/or give personal information such as account and/or credit card numbers, including this website. It is your responsibility to protect your computer or device from any potential viruses or malware, malicious activity, malfunction or damage, as well as protecting against the breech/misuse of your personal information such as your name or banking information.

If you choose to sign up for an account on this website, it is expected that you provide correct information as required by the sign up process (such as valid email addresses). Failure to provide the correct information, or intentionally providing false or misleading information for the purpose of spamming or other nefarious purposes may result in your account being closed – further action on your account may be taken if necessary.


Always look for the preceding https:// and lock symbol in any website address in which you intend to divulge personal information to. Keep in mind that while the lock symbol generally indicates it is safe to interact with a website, it does not always mean every aspect of your interactions are protected. The owner(s) of any e-commerce website should always be taking extra steps to reduce loopholes and any potential for security breaches, and be actively updating their content to reflect their commitment to a safe browsing space.


These Terms and Conditions may be changed or updated at any time without notice.

Terms and Conditions last updated: April 6, 2021