Answers to your questions, hopefully

What Kind of Products Do You Sell?

Currently I offer printable items, my music and my original POD designs on my store.

Coming soon (maybe): tactile artwork, digital assets, and…?

What the heck is POD?

Print On Demand.

When someone orders a product (like a t-shirt) with my design on it, that one shirt (or however many ordered) is printed and shipped from a POD fulfillment centre (I use Printful). This is a great option to say printing 200 shirts, only being able to sell 10 and being stuck with inventory.

I will be phasing out my Redbubble and TeePublic POD stores once my own store is fully up and running.

Hey, how are you supporting your local community?

In the age of click and ye shall receive, it’s easy to be drawn in by convenience rather than need. Does anyone really need a t-shirt with my design on it? No, not really. Does it matter that that t-shirt is printed here in Canada? Yes, yes it does matter.

It’s not always possible, especially during COVID, to facilitate all orders of apparel on my store to be solely fulfilled within Canada. And I cannot say with 100% certainty that if you order a t-shirt on my website, it will be printed in Canada.

I can’t compete with the Amazons and Walmarts of the world but I can do my small part to source whatever I can locally. It’s not as hard as you might think to not buy something from Amazon or Walmart.

NOTE: I wholly support Canadian procurement and in fact, I cater to my Canadian customers – this does not mean you cannot purchase a t-shirt or my music from this website if you live outside of Canada. It just means that if you live outside of Canada, prices, shipping and quality of POD products may vary. However, any and all tactile artwork or woodworking pieces that may be showcased here are only available for purchase and delivery within Canada.

What Are Your Shipping Rates?


It goes without saying that there is no charge for shipping for digital products.


Which POD product(s) you order (such as t-shirts or hats or posters) and where you live, will determine how long it will take to be processed, delivered and what the shipping cost will be. Shipping will be calculated automatically at checkout. Please note that shipping rates may vary and fees such as duties may be charged if the product is fulfilled in another country. Multiple POD items purchased will also affect the shipping cost.

Additionally, select POD products may offer 2 shipping options: Flat Rate or Standard DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). This also affects the delivery time (after fulfillment). Flat Rate, 5-20 business days. Standard DDP, 3-5 business days.


This area will be updated when these pieces are available for purchase.

What About Prices?

All prices on my little shop are in Canadian dollars and are displayed with the item.

Prices will vary with POD purchases (t-shirts, hats, etc.), depending on the item and sometimes the quantity purchased. GST will be added at checkout for POD purchases.

Currently, no GST is added to any products I sell and ship directly, such as tactile artwork or woodworking/sculpted pieces – the price shown on those product pages is the price you pay.

Certain digital downloads (such as printable items) may be offered for free for a limited time.

Is It Safe To Purchase Items On Your Website?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: There are several layers of security throughout my website and store. Your online purchases and information are processed through secure portals that are continually monitored and updated with the latest safeguards to protect your information.

You can read more about your privacy here.

Will You Be Selling Other Products/Artwork On Your Store?

Yes. In the hopefully not-so-distant future, I may be adding some of my original one of a kind pieces such as woodworking projects and possibly sculptures to my store.

I am always working on one design or another (digital or by hand) which I will be adding as they are completed. Be sure to check back every once in awhile for new projects.

Are You Supporting Green Technology?

I’m glad you asked!

My domain hosting provider, is 100% powered by certified green renewable energy sources, including energy suppliers right here in Alberta! This means that green renewable energy powers their data centres, web servers, office computers, laptops, and office space – and this website!

HostPapa Green Hosting