You asked…

What Kind of Products Do You Sell?

I offer digital items (see download) that you can download, print and import such as bookmarks, calendars and digital assets for Procreate on iPad and my original instrumental music. I also create original designs which are available on t-shirts, iPhone cases, coffee mugs and more.

Do You Sell Your Products Globally?

At this time, any products for purchase (requiring checkout) are only available in Canada.

All free direct downloads (such as calendars and word puzzles) that do not require checkout are available globally.

What the Heck is POD?

POD = Print On Demand.

When you order a physical product here, like a t-shirt or iPhone case with my design on it, that item is printed and shipped from one of my POD fulfillment centre partners when it is ordered. This is an excellent alternative to overstocking t-shirts, for example, only being able to sell 5 and being stuck with 100 in inventory.

While as of this writing, I still have a Redbubble store, I would much prefer you purchase something here on my website to support my work.

… Can You Tell Me About Your Designs?

All artwork, designs and graphics on this website – including digital downloads, POD designs and other website specific graphics – are done by and copyright to me, Lisa Miguez.

I review my artwork on the regular – either by reviewing the digital print files themselves or by ordering a sample item (such as a t-shirt) – to ensure the print quality and design placement is as good as it can be. This sometimes means removing a bothersome pixel and re-uploading the file for printing. It could also mean simply nudging the placement of the design slightly to best accommodate the space. In some cases when the design has to be noticeably altered, I will remove the product completely and create a new one based on the now new design.

In other words, I want you to experience the best of my work so I make every effort to ensure you get the best quality possible. I recently removed some bothersome pixels on my Project Hawk QR code iPhone case – no need to remove the product, just fix the pixel and re-upload.

I do my best to also update the product images. If you should happen to see a stray pixel or other design flaw in these images, you can contact me to let me know.

… Do you support local?

In the age of click and ye shall receive, it’s easy to be drawn in by convenience rather than need. Does anyone really need a t-shirt with my design on it? No, not really. Does it matter that that t-shirt is printed here in Canada? Yes, it does matter.

It’s not always possible, to facilitate all orders of apparel on my store to be solely fulfilled within Canada but I do my small part to source locally. You can always contact me if you have concerns about purchasing local products.

It’s not as hard as you might think to not buy something from Amazon or Walmart (yes, I practice this mantra).

… What Are Your Shipping Rates?

It goes without saying that there is no shipping charge for digital products.

Depending on the product(s) you order (such as t-shirts or hats or posters) and where you live, will determine how long it will take to be processed, delivered and what the shipping cost will be. Shipping will be calculated automatically at checkout. Please note that shipping rates may vary and fees such as duties may be charged if the product is fulfilled in another country. Multiple POD items purchased may also affect the shipping cost slightly.

Additionally, select POD products may offer 2 shipping options: Flat Rate or Standard DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). This also affects the delivery time (after fulfillment). Flat Rate, 5-20 business days. Standard DDP, 3-5 business days.

All shipping rates and options are subject to change without notice.

Get free shipping on any single purchase transaction of $100 or more. Unless otherwise specified, shipping only applies to the sale of physical items such as t-shirt or stickers, etc.. Available in Canada only. Make sure you select the “Free Shipping” option on checkout if it applies to you.

… What About Prices?

All prices on my little shop are in Canadian dollars.

Prices will vary with POD purchases (t-shirts, hats, etc.), depending on the item, size and sometimes the quantity purchased. GST will be added at checkout for POD purchases.

No GST is added to any products I sell and/or ship directly: such as music or colouring pages – the price shown on those product pages is the price you pay (plus shipping, if applicable).

From time to time, digital downloads (such as printable items) may be offered for free for a limited time (checkout may be required).

… Is It Safe To Purchase Items On Your Website?

Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Long answer: There are several layers and methods of security throughout my website and online store. Your online purchases and information are processed through secure portals that are continually monitored and updated with the latest safeguards to protect your information.

You can read more about your privacy here.

… Will You Ever Sell Other Products/Artwork On Your Store?

Never say never. I am always working on one design or another… one project or another… one medium or another. I may add new products or my artwork here if it seems like a good fit. Be sure to check back every once in awhile for new projects – digital or otherwise.

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