UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt

It’s here! Version 3 of UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt. Solve all eight mini word puzzles and decipher the clues you find along the way in order to crack the final crossword. Be sure to read the full description below for more details.

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UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt

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This time, we’re going to play a game – a scavenger hunt! Your mission, if you so choose to play, is to solve a few mini word puzzles. Upon completing these mini-puzzles, you will need to decipher the clue in each that will help you solve the final crossword puzzle – this is after all, UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt. All puzzles are rated as medium-ish difficulty (maybe easier if you are familiar with the real life Shenanigans of the UCP?).

The file is a FREE 2-page PDF file download – file size approximately 1.3MB. Clicking “download pdf” above opens the puzzle from where you can save and/or print it (dependant on browser/device used to access the file).

Missed version 2.0? Download my first crossword puzzle here: UCP Shenanigans 2.0

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  • Purchase a high quality poster print of the original UCP Shenanigans drawing I did in 2020 (6 print sizes available) – this is what started the #UCPshenanigans series
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Some tidbits about this puzzle:

  • This third adaptation of UCP Shenanigans was inspired by Evan Birnholz’s The Haunted House Halloween 2021 puzzle.
  • Don’t I have anything better to do?!? I certainly do (a project like this is HUGELY time consuming) but I got a little sidetracked with this. I didn’t expect a third version to be a thing for quite some time but here we are!
  • If you’re stuck, contact me here.
  • I employed a few anagram/letter scramblers for the construction of most of the puzzles… so of course, you can too. Any diehards out there going the manual paper/pencil/only-your-brain route?
  • Clues (references to MLAs, events, etc.) are current as of the release of this puzzle (*released into the political wild November 2021)… save maybe for one but I’m leaving it in.
  • I constructed the puzzles entirely within Numbers for MacOS and iPadOS, starting with the minis.
  • It’s true: whether making puzzles or writing letters to elected officials, I can’t help the snark and cynicism.
  • This document is 100% free to use. You may download this PDF and print it as many times as you like. I would prefer you to share the link to this page for others to download rather than share the downloaded file with them – more actual downloads/interactions is a better way for me to know how many people are interested in this. NOTE: As of December 31, 2022, the puzzle has been downloaded 145 times!
  • Once again, I referred to my original UCP Shenanigans drawing several times over the course of creating this multi-puzzle scavenger hunt, as well as the #ableg Twitter feed, loads of articles, many, many, many new Shenanigans… and always, a dictionary and thesaurus
  • There are 9 words I discovered, relatively speaking, that were connected to the puzzle. Did you find them all and how they were connected?
  • Did you know there is at least one Easter egg in UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt?
  • If you secretly continue to work towards independence, there may be a way to find three words of sage advice. (don’t overthink this)
  • Attention tech nerds: The PDF file is not editable.
  • What’s that you say? You need a password? How did you find that?!? You don’t need one if you’re holding the puzzle in your hand. But you might need one if you’re in a newer macintosh orchard. Wait. What?!?
  • Listen to my Classical music playlist as you plug along in the puzzles, or step it up a notch with my Women of Music or my 2021 #SpotifyWrapped playlist.
  • UPDATE October 2022: Aw c’mon man, seriously?!
    UPDATE May 29, 2023: Oh boy.


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