UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt

It’s here! Version 3 of UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt. Solve all eight mini word puzzles and decipher the clues you find along the way in order to crack the final crossword.  I highly recommend reading the full description below for more details.

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UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt

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This time, we’re going to play a game – a scavenger hunt! Your mission, if you so choose to play, is to solve a few mini word puzzles. Upon completing these mini-puzzles, you will need to decipher the clue in each that will help you solve the final crossword puzzle – this is after all, UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt. All puzzles are rated as medium-ish difficulty (perhaps easier if you are familiar with the real life Shenanigans of the UCP?).

The file is a FREE 2-page PDF file download – file size approximately 1.3MB. Clicking “download pdf” above opens the puzzle from where you can save and/or print it (dependant on browser/device used to access the file).

Missed version 2.0? Download my first crossword puzzle here: UCP Shenanigans 2.0

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  • THE EASIEST and arguably the most beneficial: share the link to this page (2 easy ways to share in the short description above)
  • Purchase a high quality poster print of the original UCP Shenanigans drawing I did in 2020 (7 print sizes available) – this is what started the #UCPshenanigans series
  • Buy me a coffee / leave a tip here via the Buy me coffee button at the bottom of your screen or buy something at my Ko-fi shop to support my creative shenanigans
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Some tidbits about this puzzle:

  • This third adaptation of UCP Shenanigans was inspired by Evan Birnholz’s The Haunted House Halloween 2021 puzzle.
  • Don’t I have anything better to do?!? I certainly do (a project like this is HUGELY time consuming) but I got a little sidetracked with this. I didn’t expect a third version to be a thing for quite some time but here we are!
  • If you’re stuck, contact me here.
  • I employed a few anagram/letter scramblers for the construction of most of the puzzles… so of course, you can too. Any diehards out there going the manual paper/pencil/only-your-brain route?
  • Clues (references to MLAs, events, etc.) are current as of the release of this puzzle (*released into the political wild November 2021)… save maybe for one but I’m leaving it in.
  • I constructed the puzzles entirely within Numbers for MacOS and iPadOS, starting with the minis.
  • It’s true: whether making puzzles or writing letters to elected officials, I can’t help the snark and cynicism.
  • This document is 100% free to use. You may download this PDF and print it as many times as you like. I would prefer you to share the link to this page for others to download rather than share the downloaded file with them – more actual downloads/interactions is a better way for me to know how many people are interested in this. NOTE: As of December 31, 2023, the puzzle has been downloaded 316 times!
  • Once again, I referred to my original UCP Shenanigans drawing several times over the course of creating this multi-puzzle scavenger hunt, as well as the #ableg Twitter feed, loads of articles, many, many, many new Shenanigans… and always, a dictionary and thesaurus
  • There are 9 words I discovered, relatively speaking, that were connected to the puzzle. Did you find them all and how they were connected?
  • Did you know there is at least one Easter egg in UCP Shenanigans: Scavenger Hunt?
  • If you secretly continue to work towards independence, there may be a way to find three words of sage advice. (don’t overthink this)
  • Attention tech nerds: The PDF file is not editable.
  • What’s that you say? You need a password? How did you find that?!? You don’t need one if you’re holding the puzzle in your hand. But you might need one if you’re in a newer macintosh orchard. Wait. What?!?
  • Listen to my Classical music playlist as you plug along in the puzzles, or step it up a notch with my Women of Music or my 2021 #SpotifyWrapped playlist.
  • UPDATE October 2022: Aw c’mon man, seriously?!
  • UPDATE May 29, 2023: Oh boy, Alberta, it’s going to be a long 4 years
  • UPDATE December 31, 2023 … so much lying… not surprised one bit


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