UCP Shenanigans 2.0 | Free Printable Crossword Puzzle

Ah yes, UCP Shenanigans… again. This time I got yer back in the form of a crossword puzzle!

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UCP Shenanigans Crossword Puzzle

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As of December 31, 2022, this puzzle has been downloaded 750 times! If you like this puzzle, please consider leaving a review at the bottom of this description (no login/account required!). And don’t forget to share the link (as in the description above).

UCP Shenanigans 2.0 is a FREE PDF file download. The “download pdf” link above opens the puzzle from where you can save or print it. *Dependant on browser/device you use to access the file.

A THIRD EDITION OF UCP SHENANIGANS IS HERE! Released into the wild on November 29th, 2021: this next version of UCP Shenanigans is a whole new level of…erm… shenanigans? If the real-life UCP shenanigans would just stop for a minute, we would all be able catch our breath. Get yours HERE.

If you’re interested in a record of the Shenanigans of the current UCP Alberta provincial government, check out this original drawing I did in 2020. *NOTE*: As of July 2023, the UCP party and government has changed quite a lot (not for the better) but the shenanigans are accurate.

*NOTE: Clues are blurred in the product image but are crystal clear in the PDF file.

Some fun facts about this puzzle:

  • I’ve never created a crossword puzzle before – and never realized what it took to make one! I can see how this could be a full time job!
  • I started out with a list of ~200+ words – only about 10% of those words made it into UCP Shenanigans 2.0
  • It took approximately 2 months and at least 10 iterations before settling on this version of the puzzle.
  • Many times during the development and construction of UCP Shenanigans 2.0, I referred to my original UCP Shenanigans drawing, the #ableg Twitter feed, a slew of articles and statistics and of course, a dictionary and thesaurus
  • Filler words make up the majority of the puzzle. I did my best to make the clues as relevant to the current Shenanigans as possible but rarely succeeded.
  • Of the words I really wanted to use (about 25), only about 10 made their way into the puzzle. More of a challenge than you might think.
  • While working your way through the puzzle, you might enjoy listening to my Women of Music playlist… Though, if you’re like me and find vocals really distracting when trying to concentrate on something, try my Classical music playlist.

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