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Mechanically Inclined ’88 FREE Procreate Colour Swatch

This FREE black to white colour swatch is just the thing for colouring my  Mechanically Inclined 88 colouring page or any black and white artwork in Procreate!
* one ZIP file containing one Procreate for iPad colour swatch

Download here: 


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*Watch the video in the full description below for tips on how to install and use the swatch.




Get this colour swatch:
Click the download swatch button above. Once you download the .zip file, extract the file and add the swatch to Procreate for iPad.
*.zip file is approximately 5KB

Watch the video to see how to load and use the colour swatch:

Use this black to white and every shade in between for your next Procreate project. And yes of course you can also use it with my latest colouring page: Mechanically Inclined 88. The swatch is black to white and everything in between because my original Mechanically Inclined drawing was as such. You can see my digitally reimagined update of the original art here.

Need some more colour palettes for Procreate? I made a bundle of 12 here.
Want some stuff to colour? How about my Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs bookmarks.

** This item cannot be altered for the purpose of being sold individually or as part of a bundle.


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