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Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs | 2023 Calendar + Colour Swatches


This Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs 2023 Calendar is bundled with:

  • 12 individual JPG images (one for each month of 2023)
  • 12 Procreate for iPad colour swatches (based on the birds in the calendar).

Download the files and start colouring!

Just need colour swatches? Download 12 colour swatches here.

If you prefer the old fashioned route of colouring on paper, this calendar is available in PDF format here.

Please read the details in the full description below prior to purchase.

IMPORTANT: This is not a physical calendar – nothing will be shipped to you.

*Disclaimer: this calendar does not contain drawings of T-Rex or Triceratops dinosaurs to colour. However, you might find it interesting that modern day birds evolved from the likes of T-Rex… so… Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs. What is your favourite??


How to get this calendar and colour swatches:
Add the product to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Once you complete your purchase, you will have instant access to a .zip file that contains 2 folders: one folder contains 12 hi-res (2550px x 3300px) JPG files, one for each month of 2023 (each month with a different bird); the second folder contains 12 colours swatches for Procreate on iPad – each swatch based on the birds in the JPG files.

For a limited time, a PDF file with a special offer is included in this download.
*.zip file is approximately 12.4MB. Extracted  files are about 14MB in total.

Can you print the JPG files?
Yes, you can print the JPG files. And you would probably want to print the calendar once you have coloured it. For the best quality print however, this calendar is also available in 300dpi PDF format created especially for printing (and colouring the old-fashioned way) – check it out here.

Digital colouring
The hi-res JPG files can be imported into your favourite drawing/colouring app on your preferred device. For demonstration purposes as shown here, you can see the images being used in Procreate for iPad, along with the colour swatches.

Colour swatches
Each of the 12 colour swatches was crafted using my own photographs of each bird as reference – and are named as such. No, you do not need to use the swatches for the birds for which they are named. I do not claim that the swatches are 100% accurate to every variation of each bird or specific to the bird a swatch is named for. They do however, make a good starting point to get you started colouring with any particular bird and similar species.

What if you just want the colour swatches? You can download the bundle of 12 colour swatches here.

I want to see your completed coloured calendar! Tag me on Twitter (if Twitter is still a thing) or #BirdsAreMyFavouriteDinosaurs

Find and share your coloured masterpieces with me on Mastodon too!

These colour swatches can be used with my Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs here and here.

Learn more about this and my other Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs projects by visiting this page.

Become a member on my Ko-fi page and get a discount on all digital products here on my website.

Final notes
Please note that all sales on digital/downloadable items are final, no refunds are available. Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions prior to purchase. If you have questions or experience difficulty in completing your order, please contact me here.

* This bundled content, including the .zip file, .JPG and .swatches files are copyright © Lisa Miguez 2022.

You may:
– use this content for personal, non-commercial use only
– colour and even print the artwork as many times as you want, for personal use only
– share your coloured versions of the JPG files in this bundle (as on social media) as long as you give credit to me

You may (any part of the bundled files: the zip file, JPG images and/or colour swatches):
– not share, sell, resell or re-bundle in part or whole
– not share screenshots of any part of the original designs/images
– not print the original Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs 2023 calendar for the purpose of selling them
– not print your finished/coloured Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs 2023 calendar for the purpose of selling them


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