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On September 15, 2021, Jason Kenney

declared a State of Public Health Emergency


See red text below for what, if anything, has changed

In Alberta (round 4)

“In Alberta, rodeos (not a sport, by the way) and churches are specifically exempted from any restrictions intended to slow/prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Masking, capacity limits to 1/3 and social distancing now required in churches.

Assuming that rodeo is still a sport in Alberta… no change, apparently.

In Alberta, we had the Best Summer Ever at the Calgary Stampede because… pancakes (and donors).

Jason Kenney does NOT apologize for Opening for Summer.

In Alberta, over 100 people have died from COVID since the Stampede, which begs the question: was your pancake breakfast worth it?

Jason Kenney totally says his pancake breakfast was worth it. His only “regret” is the consequences of his flapjack-flipping (backtracking restrictions, not that people have died because of it).

In Alberta, the pandemic was basically over because… BEST SUMMER EVER!

While Dr Hinshaw has admitted she jumped the gun a little, she defers to the “data she had at the time” – wrong: SHE SAID THE PANDEMIC WAS OVER!

In Alberta, COVID only spreads in bars and restaurants after dark. Therefore, last call is at 10pm.

COVID still only spreads after dark – last call is still at 10pm. But now, unless bars & restaurants implement the vaccine passport/not-called-a-passport, indoor dining is no longer permitted.

In Alberta, restricting COVID to spread only until 10pm hurts businesses. Lives and livelihoods and all that jazz.

Businesses are shutting down for good due to the yo-yo effect of UCP policies.

In Alberta, your Charter right to protest is only acceptable if you are an anti-masker/anti-vaxxer… and mostly white.

Outdoor “private” gatherings up to 200 people still A-OK… so…

In Alberta, we have Bill 1 to protect critical infrastructure from protesters. Unless said infrastructure is a hospital.

Send in the troops. Seriously. If ever there was a time, it’s now. Protect workers & patients AND help ease the surge.

In Alberta, no members of the UCP government will denounce the protests at hospitals across the province and the country.

Not sure about you all, but I have yet to hear back from my MLA on this.

In Alberta, during the 4th and possibly worst wave of the pandemic, silence from every UCP MLA and Premier.

Kenney, Shandro and Hinshaw gaslit their way through a non-apologetic restrictions announcement. I have still not received a reply from my MLA.

In Alberta, “But, Trudeau!”

Yeah, nah. Not this time, Bub. This is entirely on Jason Kenney, Tyler Shandro, the entire silent UCP caucus and Dr. Hinshaw.

In Alberta, “we don’t need no federally funded childcare!”

I mean, why would we need it now. No one can go to work, or there is no work to go to.

In Alberta, masks are not provincially mandated in schools (but many school boards are doing so due to the abdication of duty by the current government).

Wow. Masks are actually mandated in grades 4+… unless the school implements a “alternate COVID safety plan”. What does that even mean??

In Alberta, the provincial government offloads responsibility to do… basically anything, to other levels of government.

… and businesses… and schools… nothing has changed.

In Alberta, “Personal Responsibility!”

Because this has worked every single time in the last 19 months.

In Alberta, when people are dying unnecessarily from COVID: “that’s good feedback”.

Can we just take a moment to hi-five every single reporter/journalist at the presser that didn’t take a non-answer for an answer.

In Alberta, there is no magic number of dead Albertans that will force the government to change course on the COVID response.

There is still no magic number. An unknown number of people will still lose their lives to COVID despite this late-in-the-game “response”.

In Alberta, every UCP MLA remains silent on taking concrete measures to get COVID under control.

I don’t know about yours, but I still haven’t received a reply from my MLA.

In Alberta, essential public services are under attack by the current UCP government.

Exhausted and depleted doctors/nurses/HCWs who are STILL going above and beyond. Teachers and school staff again on the hook to make sure everyone is safe. Honestly, how much can a human body, mind and soul take?

In Alberta, the UCP is a “wait-and-see-until-after-the-election” government (more Albertans will die from COVID in the meantime).

This announcement just days before the federal election. I guess ya goofed by actually doing something before a pivotal election, eh Jason? He doesn’t care at all that Albertans have died and will die due to his negligence.

In Alberta, the UCP deflects to Dr. Hinshaw for any and all pubic health issues/questions.

A reporter at the presser explicitly told Kenney not to do this with the question they asked.

In Alberta, the CMOH is complicit and a threat to our public health. But be kind, even if you don’t trust her.

Dr. Hinshaw is just as much a liar and deflector as Kenney.

In Alberta, we are tired of COVID. Tired of doing the right thing. But more importantly, tired of a provincial government that doesn’t care if we live or die.

Honestly though, is anyone surprised he didn’t blame this on Trudeau?

In Alberta, we need the government to mandate vaccine passports. Period. Not next week. Not after the election. Now.

Passports – different name for some reason… oh wait… because, Trudeau!

Josephine, you can and should speak up. Your silence is literally killing Albertans.”

I still haven’t received a reply from my MLA.

~ Lisa Miguez, Calgary-Beddington resident

Afterthoughts… we are in a bad way in Alberta. Things are about to get a whole lot worse before life improves here. The entire province knows the government and CMOH bungled the response – and not one of them is owning up to it. Stay safe out there. We’re in for a ride.

This is an edited post in response to the new, somewhat confusing and much-delayed measures announced by Kenney yesterday.

The original post is here.

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