Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love birds: watching them, taking photos, creating digital & tactile interpretations of our flying feathered friends… Birdwatching/photography is literally my go-to comfort/de-stress activity – whether out my front window or out in Nature. Indeed, birdwatching is my happy place.

I am immensely curious about all things birds and mildly obsessed with the idea of the connection of birds to their long-passed kin (the dinosaurs). I am here to tell you that birds are indeed my favourite dinosaurs (for the record, Triceratops was my favourite when I was a kid).

Think about it… have you never looked at a bird’s leg and feet? Or set eyes upon a cassowary?

Common Raven foot
A Common Raven foot from my colouring book.

Consensus of the evolution of birds from dinosaurs, found here, here, here, here, more recently on Prehistoric Planet and lots more.

Follow me as I contemplate and create more Birds are Dinosaurs designs, pieces and puzzles. My latest additions: Birds Are My Favourite Dinosaurs Colouring book and Bookmarks!

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