About Lisa

Hey! I’m Lisa Miguez – artist/maker of creative things in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Rockin’ my new “I’d Rather Be Birding” hat while working on my latest creative shenanigan. Get yours here


– Albert Einstein

When I get the urge to create/make something, I might dabble in: digital design/artwork, pencil drawing/acrylic art painting, font design, music composition, polymer clay sculpting, woodworking and quite honestly, any digital or hands-on medium in general. I always have at least a couple of projects on the go at any given time.

August 2020: This is Max – a 1:2 scale polymer clay sculpture of a juvenile Swainson’s Hawk

Nature – birds, specifically – is at the heart of very nearly every project I undertake. As an avid bird watcher and photographer, I incorporate at least some aspect of feathered freedom into much of my work (painting, sculpting or photographic prints, for example). Here’s just a few of my fav snaps:

While birds are my main creative inspiration (and bird watching my go-to comfort activity), once in a blue wolf supermoon, I might be inclined to draw something that is way out of my comfort zone.

All of my creations are perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of my tangible projects (eg. drawing/painting/sculpting/woodworking) are OOAK.

And finally, I have managed/designed my own website since 2002. It’s one of those nerdy/creative/sometimes stressful things I really enjoy immersing myself into despite the very time-consuming nature of it. I do at least one major redesign of my site every year that reflects my current creative vibe.

Oh, one more thing… Once upon a time, I also dabbled in iPhone app design. Back in 2011, I made a simple app, though no longer available on the App Store. Who knows if it will happen again…?

You can contact me anytime about any of my art/crafts/designs, products available on my store or current projects I am undertaking.