About Lisa

Hey! Hi! I’m Lisa Miguez – artist/maker/designer of creative things who lives and creates in Moh’kinsstis, otherwise known as Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Rockin’ my new “I’d Rather Be Birding” hat while working on my latest creative shenanigan. Get yours here


– Albert Einstein

20 years is a long time. 2022 marks 20 years of being quietly present on the internet with my domain grafxbylisa.com. It’s more important than ever to be visible and viable – here’s to taking a giant step forward in 2022 and maybe, just maybe getting a little louder.

Creating/making/designing for me means that I might dabble in: digital design/artwork, pencil drawing/acrylic art painting, font design, music composition, polymer clay sculpting, woodworking and quite honestly, any digital or hands-on medium in general. I always have at least a couple of projects on the go at any given time.

August 2020: This is Max – a 1:2 scale polymer clay sculpture of a juvenile Swainson’s Hawk

Nature – birds, specifically – is at the heart of very nearly every project I undertake. As an avid bird watcher and photographer, I incorporate at least some aspect of feathered freedom into much of my work (painting, sculpting or photographic prints, for example). Here’s just a few of my fav snaps:

While birds are my main creative inspiration (and bird watching my go-to comfort activity), once in a blue wolf supermoon, I might be inclined to draw something that is way out of my comfort zone.

All of my creations are perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of my tangible projects (eg. drawing/painting/sculpting/woodworking) are OOAK.

And finally, I have managed/designed my own website since 2002. It’s one of those nerdy/creative/sometimes stressful things I really enjoy immersing myself into despite the very time-consuming nature of it. I do at least one major redesign of my site every year that reflects my current creative vibe.

Oh, one more thing… Once upon a time, I also dabbled in iPhone app design. Back in 2011, I made a simple app, though no longer available on the App Store. Who knows if it will happen again…?

You can contact me anytime about any of my art/crafts/designs, products available on my store or current projects I am undertaking.