Hawkish 2.0 I was fascinated with the prospect of observing a family of Swainson’s hawks in our neighbourhood in the summer of 2017 - documenting what I could on our little point & shoot camera (photos & videos), eventually even painting a picture of one of the juveniles. Next thing you know, I’m creating a video compilation of all the footage I had taken and recording my own music for it.

This is how Hawkish 2.0 came to be. Nature inspires most of my creative projects.

many hats few labels
I’ve worn many hats during my Hawkish 2.0 project (I like wearing hats): composer, photographer, digital artist, font designer, video editor, website designer, copyright & licensing coordinator, agent, promoter... there may be more hats to try on in the future.

I hesitate to use the label “musician” on myself - not a fan of labels to begin with so I prefer to use “artist” to describe what I do as I feel it sort of encompasses everything I do: music, art, photography, website design and so on. Music is a creative outlet I barely knew existed within me. Finding the Music in Me.

It has been one year since I released my first music album Hawkish 2.0, on March 9th, 2018. In that time I’ve stepped a little more into photography and a little away from the music (though I work on the latter when the opportunity presents itself). I am using my music to promote my photography and vice-versa.

Visit my photography page and follow me on Instagram for updates on any of my projects.

selling my music
I would never have thought this would be something I would do, especially when my music background is somewhat limited to what I learned taking accordion lessons in my youth. But I had an epiphany one day - “why not try and sell your music?” What an overwhelming experience that turned out to be.

Very first thing I did was register a copyright for my album with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Next was procurring ISRC numbers for all of my songs with Connect Music Licensing. The decision to go through CDBaby as a partner to all music distributors made things a whole lot easier than trying to do it all myself.

videos and my music
I use LumaFusion (iOS) for all of my video editing and my old Yamaha PSR keyboard and GarageBand (iOS) for creating, editing and recording my music. I am far from expert at either but each time I work on a new tune or put together another video, I am always learning new things to make better content. Currently working on new ways to use videos to promote my music (and photography) on my website - may return to using YouTube in the future.

web and graphic design
I’ve designed and maintained my domain grafxbylisa.com since 2002.

Along the way, I have developed my graphic design and photo editing skills - essential to a creative website. I currently use Affinity Designer iOS and Affinity Photo iOS (sometimes Adobe Sketch iOS) for design work, and FTPManager Pro iOS for all of my website coding. The majority of the work is done on my iPad Pro 2nd gen, though on occasion I step over to the iMac to finalize a project.

find and follow me
I will always do my best to keep my website updated but the best place to learn about new and ongoing projects (including photography) is on Instagram or Twitter. These are also the best places to contact me with any questions or suggestions about what I do.

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