my projects
raven Whether redesigning my own website, drawing / painting (digital or traditional), woodworking, composing & recording my own music or making a video, I am almost always creating - with a current focus on photography. Project updates will be posted on Instagram.

my photos

I joined Flickr in 2018. The photos I post there are usually one-off’s and I haven’t posted many yet. I am exploring other avenues to promote my photography but for now check out my Flickr.

I’ve been designing & maintaining my own website for many years. Web design encompasses so many disciplines: coding, graphic design, photo editing and even font design, any of which I really enjoy. Web design is by far the most time consuming digital creative activity that I indulge in. I try to do at least one major website update a year.

videos and music

I’ve been toying with video creation for a few years now. My more recent videos are created from the photos & odd video I have taken, and since 2018 also include at least a snippet from one of my songs (music link below). In the future, I would like to produce some new video projects (and music) leaning towards documentary style.

Currently looking for alternative ways to show my promo videos since I removed my videos from my YouTube channel.

odds and ends

I use Affinity Photo iOS to edit my photos, LumaFusion iOS for video editing, Affinity Designer iOS for virtually every creative project I’m working on and FTPManager Pro iOS for all my website coding and FTP. As you can see by all the “iOS” extensions, the majority of my digital creating is done on my iPad Pro 2nd Gen 12.9”.

I’m always working on better ways to implement every creative thing that I do. If you have suggestions or questions about the projects you see here, please visit my connect page to get in touch with me.

Please contact me if you do not see the video

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