lisa miguez
I am Lisa Miguez - artist, photographer, creative dabbler based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

During my years on this big blue planet, I have dabbled in photography, woodworking, music composition, painting, web & digital design and a few other creative mediums. I see and interpret most things in a creative way and endeavour to add my own twist to everything that I do. Learning and doing just about any creative activity makes me happy.

photography and me

I have been interested in photography for a very long time. Many years ago, I owned an SLR film camera (possibly Pentax?) which was unfortunately stolen. Fast forward to 2010 when I bought my DSLR - a Canon Rebel T2i 550D that included a 18-55mm and a 55-250mm kit lens. I used it a lot at first but never got beyond the bare basics.

It soon became more convenient to use a small point & shoot (or my phone) and I rarely used that T2i until early 2018 when I signed up on Instagram to promote the release of my very first music album - visit my music page. I was quickly running out of decent images to post and needed to learn how to use my DSLR.

I had a tough time with the jargon - aperture, exposure, shutter speed, etc. - all I wanted to do was take nice pictures, not do complicated math. I have a better understanding of how all those buttons and settings work now but freely admit I am still learning every time I pick up my camera. With the addition of a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary telephoto lens, my passion for photography has been reignited - with a focus on nature.

find and follow me

You can find me on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and SoundCloud - currently most active on Instagram. I may post new videos on YouTube once the dust settles there and there's more understanding of how to mark our videos.