photos by lisa miguez
photos by lisa miguez
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I: post consistently, design & maintain my own website, occasionally paint & do woodworking, have composed & recorded my own music and make the occasional YouTube video. Mostly though, I’m focusing on photography and exploring new and exciting ways to share my work. I will post the latest updates on Instagram.

photos by lisa miguez
I’m super excited to share what I do in ways other than social media. Most people appreciate holding something in their hands versus just looking at a virtual representation of something online. Therefore, I am currently working on setting up a place where people can buy merchandise related to my photography and other creative ventures. Keep an eye on my Instagram and check back here over the coming months for the latest updates.

photos by lisa miguez
I’ve been toying with video creation for a few years now. Mostly I create from the photos (and the odd video) I have taken, and always include at least a snippet from one of my songs (music link below). My goal is to produce some new video projects, possibly documentary style. I put together a promo video for this page in mid-2018: watch the intro video

I joined Flickr in 2018. It is somewhere I can focus more on photography - I’m still learning my way around. The photos I post are usually one-off’s and may or may not also be posted on my Instagram. Feel free to stop by.

Constantly learning, constantly dabbling. I’ve learned a lot about photography recently and have been practicing a LOT. Understanding the terminology and techniques has made a huge difference in how I take, edit and critique a photo.

I use Affinity Photo iOS (the intuitive Photoshop alternative for iPad) to edit my photos. For video editing, LumaFusion (iOS) - a featured filled, almost perfect editor. Affinity Designer (iOS) is super useful for every creative project I’m working on. And of course, I am always looking for ways to up my web design game - which by the way, I design first for iPad Pro and desktop, then for mobile.

I hope you like what you see here, and through the other venues I have mentioned above. I’m always working on better ways to implement every creative thing that I do. If you have suggestions or questions about the projects you see here or just want to say hi, please visit my connect page to get in touch with me.

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