photos by lisa miguez
I focus on the moment, take the shot, and then... cross my fingers.

Enjoy some of my shots in the slideshow below. Which is your favourite?

squirrel in a hole @ inglewood bird sanctuary, calgary 2019
black capped chickadee @ inglewood bird sanctuary, calgary 2019
orange crowned warbler, calgary 2018
sunset, calgary 2019
female house sparrow, central alberta 2018
aphid, calgary 2018
winter @ nose hill park, calgary 2019
wasp on a flower, calgary 2018
juvenile swainson’s hawk, calgary 2018
october winter storm, calgary 2018
white breasted nuthatch @ inglewood bird sanctuary, calgary 2019
male downy woodpecker, calgary 2018
amaryllis flower close up, calgary 2018
white tailed deer fawn @ inglewood bird sanctuary, calgary 2018
black capped chickadee, calgary 2018
male house sparrow, calgary 2019
male house finches, calgary 2019
male swainson’s hawk, calgary 2019
dragonfly @ bowmont park, calgary 2018
osprey @ inglewood bird sanctuary, calgary 2018

All of these slideshow images were shot with a Canon Rebel T2i 550D using either a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary telephoto lens or Canon 18-55mm lens, and are not cropped or edited in any way other than adjusting exposure/brightness. You can see these images and more on Instagram and Flickr. Find me by searching “grafxbylisa” on Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitter.

All of my photos are taken in natural settings - natural in that the living subjects of my photos come and go freely, whether in my backyard or theirs. Although we have a bird feeder in our tree, no creatures are “baited” to get that one shot.

All images are the property of and copyright to Lisa Miguez

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